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Andy supervising the collection of our first load of sail laundry

Come the end of October business through the chandlery at 183 Coast Road and our mail order division does see a seasonal drop, however it's the opposite for our onsite sail loft and our rigging department. Already our first consignment of sails, covers, canopies etc is on the road to Hancock Marine Services; boss man Andy is supervising the first load, as can be seen from the image. Once back clean and smelling fresh it's a check over and repair if necessary by our number one machinist Norma. After nearly thirty years of working for the old slave driver Rob Storrar and now Andy she is without a doubt a superb machinist and can tackle anything from a blown out spinnaker or a 12mtr cruiser racer to the repair of a high tech carbon mainsail on a water ballasted flying machine! New clear panels in sprayhoods are second nature to her and a lot easier to work on! As for rigging, please don't leave it to the last moment before bringing it in, why? It's cheaper in the autumn.

Whilst the manufacture and repair of marine related 'products' keeps us out of mischief for long periods, we are being called upon more and more for technical sewing solutions. For many years we have been supplying, as a subcontractor to a plastics company based near the Nissan manufacturing plant, laser cut sewn 'covers,' final destination Lotus the manufacturer of high performance sports cars. Roof panels for a lobster hatchery, where once they were installed have still allowed natural light to filter thru but gave a greatly reduced heat build up, the result happy crickets. Call us if you need a fabric smoking shelter in flame proof fabric.... see our workmanship in the Berisford Arms in Walton. Or pop along to the Jesmond Dene hotel where our 'tensioned sewn triangle' provides shelter from the sun and rain! The other year we made a translucent outdoor class room for a school in the West End of Newcastle and our workmanship can be seen at Durham and Gosforth indoor cricket bowling complexes.


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