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As I blogged the other day, it never ceases to amaze me how those guys at Hancock's sail laundry manage to get the heavily soiled sails and canvas work clean. As can be seen from my previous blog, we sent some black cockpit enclosures that came from a local powerboat away that which I thought the seagulls had been using as target practice! Well they are back and what a fine job they have done, washed proofed and now ready for a check over in the sail loft.

Turning to sailboats now, if you haven't lifted your mast out for an annual inspection, we do recommend that you climb the mast and check it out. Why? Well its surprising what you might find that's causing or likely to cause an issue in the future such as sheave boxes that have failed, pulleys that have stopped turning, vhf cables that have lost the outer coating allowing water ingress, result a loss of transmission! Lenses on navigation lights that have become opaque thru UV damage.

If you are having your mast lifted don't forget to wrap pvc tape round the rigging screw exposed thread before taking the tension off the rigging, means then when you re tension the rigging you have a 'starting point'. If you don't want to lift the mast for whatever reason and don't want to climb the mast to check it out, our riggers have over 80 years of combined experience and can go aloft for you (weather permitting). Replacement standing or running rigging? Our prices are competitive and we use only the finest quality wire & rope and its all made on site at our Coast Road premises! Standing rigging is supplied with a rigging certificate which keeps insurance companies happy and, should you end up selling your yacht in the future, it's a message for the surveyor! Replacement furling systems, no one on the North East Coast has more experience than Rob Storrar, from budget systems to top of the range, he is your man to speak to.

With Christmas just around the corner, please note that even boss man Andy does take a 'little' time off, see our revised opening hours below and don't, of course, forget that our annual sale commences Friday the 28th. Bargains galore and of course expert advice from Andy and his team.

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