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Keep up the good work you guys from Hancock's sail laundry the last batch of sails came back washed to perfection and as for the cockpit canopies, sprayhood etc It never ceases to amaze me how you manage to get them looking like new before they are reproofed! Having said that the batch that Rob Strachan has just loaded into the basket includes the canopy in the two images that methinks the seagulls have been using for target practice will test to the limit your cleaning skills once again! Once back from the laundry sails, covers etc are spread out onto the sail loft floor and are checked over, if minor stitching is required we will 'just do it' however if any major remedial work is required the owner contacted and advised of the cost.

With the summer we have just had, plenty sunshine we have had in this winter a lot more genoas requiring replacement sacrificial strips (the coloured cloth on the leech & foot of the genoa) In these times of economic uncertainty it is false economy to ignore these strips if they have started to fail as the UV can in a very short space of time drastically weaken the exposed sailcloth however to keep the cost down the old failing strip can be
removed by yourself, however if you intend to DIY bring the sail in first and the loft personnel will advise which seams to unpick! If you are not intending to get out on the water in your powerboat or yacht, if you remove all woven articles such as sails/canopies etc they will then last twice as long as well as helping to reduce windage and the subsequent strain on mooring ropes/cleats! If however you have brightwork that needs
protecting perhaps consider a strong Water proof or water resistant breathable sheet, make sure however it tied down securely!

Winterising.........Before placing any canvas work or sails into storage they should be dried and cleaned to prevent mould and mildew. If you are washing any items yourself do not jet or pressure washer as the pressure of the water can damage the yarns and strips the fabric of its strength and waterproofing.


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